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*   Ces bactéries intelligentes?                                    Our earth of the future                   

       Carl Douglas                            Nos déchets, leur traitement

       Wastes in the futur part 1                                           Wastes in the future part 2

      Marylin Monroe                            Energie Nucléaire, danger ou non ? –extrait-

*  Nuclear Power, futur or not ? – extract-

*  The Carpenters    

 Espace pour tous, part 1                                                             espace pour tous, part 2 –extrait-

*  Living in the futur( extract)                                                                Paul Hardcastle

 Notre humanité enminutes / our humanity in minutes

*  Roswell part 1 – french-                                                                  Roswell part 2 –french-( extrait)

*  Computers in the future – English-                                                 music of virtual instruments§ musique d’instruments virtuels



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